Group Work

We’ve had our first meeting a while back now, and my group consists of four of us, Darlene, Becky, Me and Tina. The first thing we did was draw up ideas. We drew up plans on what we thought we could do, and we came to the agreement that because we are in university we thought to base it on university students.
We are aware that most students have access to some sort of social network or so, So we came up with the idea to create an online space/site to post anonymous/ non traceable messages on. A difference from likes of Facebook and so on.

We want to set our self’s aside from most of the social networks out there whom do tend to sell on your information and so on. So we thought that by having a total dominance of zero tolerance on information gathering then students can enjoy a safe and secure messaging application.

As a group we know what it is we want to achieve, a good name, fun and user friendly interface, simple and consistent throughout the site, as well as a working database.

Blog Structure & improvement 

We discussed in our seminar groups with our lecturers on how it is critical & important to have a structure on our blogs. it makes the flow of the blog more specific and to the point. We have been informed to include a structure and implement it on our blogs.My structure and improvement will be;

  • Be more consistent in updates at least twice a week
  • Have less clutter and be more specific in categories
  • Use bullet points more
  • Consistency within image and video width of 500px
  • The use of bullet points more

Development And Realisation, Planning

Having picked the ‘who has the largest carbon footprint topic, I plan to show the map of the world and colour code them from red being high to green being low in comparison to those countries selected.

I will have three tiers on my A2 poster. The title. The map. And the facts/figures underneath to conclude an informative poster.

Development And Realisation, Progress

I have chosen the topic, ‘Who has the largest carbon footprint’. I choose this topic due to the flexibility and ease as i have always been intrigued by the carbon emissions and who produces what. I have undertaken research and weighed up facts and figures to produce my poster.

Development And Realisation, Update

Before I undertook any sort of work I craved inspiration, something that would interest me as well be informative to me too. Considering the possible topics we can choose we was rather lucky that in our first seminar we was provided with this website link ‘’
This website provided me with many ideas and inspiration on how I will provide and outlay my work and most importantly it gave me an idea on how my final poster will look.


Development and Realisation introduction

As the introduction into this unit ‘Development and Realisation’ we are required to create an A2 poster which visually communicates with the target audience giving across text, information and data.
The topics we can choose from are varied, here is the selection of topics.

Where have you been and when?
What is your social network?
How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
Who lives the longest?
What is the fattest country?
Where do different genders shop online?
Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?
What type of music is the most popular?
Who has the largest carbon footprint?
How does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work?

I will select one of these topics and create a poster, also i will write about 1000 words in research on my blog as well as participate in a class critique with my seminar group.

Devlopment & Realisation – Representation

Form/composition – innovative tool
Colour – implications of colour
Visualisation – creativity & thinking
Structure – innovative ways

“GESTALT” unified whole
Closure, proximity, continuation, similarly & Figure and ground.


Different laws & perception and context & Structure.
Laws of proximity
Laws of similarity
Laws of symmetry
Laws of continuity
Laws of closure

Culturally influenced within the spectrum of colour.
Different meanings in different parts of the world.

Information visualisation
Expressing data through forms and visualisation in a clear structure in a simple form.
Presenting data effectively. Convert data into graphics.
Target audience.. Fat/obesity project assignment .. Health/NHS .. Data/form colour and composition. Info graphics.
Need to create a concept that is simple but easy to understand.

Development and Realisation !

For this new module, “Development and Realisation”
We have been handed a new task that consists of a practical that alone totals up to 80% of the task and the rest of 20% are notes, research notes and so on.
The main outline of the task is to create a poster/ graphic from a variety of themes or theme,
One theme that caught my eye was “What is the fattest country?” this is a real life issue that can be projected onto an informative poster.

Finally towards the end I collaborated all the pictures together, I made it as though that there was no spacing between the pictures, as it looks more of an artistic letterspiece of work this way