Development and Realisation !

For this new module, “Development and Realisation”
We have been handed a new task that consists of a practical that alone totals up to 80% of the task and the rest of 20% are notes, research notes and so on.
The main outline of the task is to create a poster/ graphic from a variety of themes or theme,
One theme that caught my eye was “What is the fattest country?” this is a real life issue that can be projected onto an informative poster.


Finally towards the end I collaborated all the pictures together, I made it as though that there was no spacing between the pictures, as it looks more of an artistic letterspiece of work this way

Photoshop Update.

For this assignment we were asked to look for  naturally-occurring shapes which can be viewed as letters which correspond to the alphabet the theme i and my partner have choose is a mixture between nature and original household objects.
When taking photography into professional account you must develop an eye and skill for pattern,texture, colour, shape, and form.
From this assignment i have gained some knowledge on how to view everyday objects with a different concept, it has definitely helped me.

FullSizeRender (6) this crane here, which i took a snap shot of, if tilted it makes out the letter Y.

Photoshop !

I and my partner have been assigned a task, to put the letters of the alphabet into one constructive collage by using the tools on Photoshop. I’m rather confident that we will do well, bearing in mind that this is our first or second time using the program. Our theme will be based on nature.
i will upload the collage shortly !!